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Looking to exit/sell your business in next 12 months?

We want to hear from you! Take our quick assessment to help us design better craft a solution for you and your freight brokerage.

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Preparing employees for the sale

Preparing employees for the sale of a company is a crucial...

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The Significance of EBITDA When...

Introduction: When considering the purchase or sale of a...

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Understanding and presenting the right...

When selling a business, understanding and presenting the...

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The Final Mile team of professionals are in the freight arena each day and understand the complications of transitioning or exiting this space for brokerage owners and agents.

To understand how we work and what we offer, we’ve compiled answers to the questions we hear the most.

What types of companies do you work with?

Our goal is to provide support to owners and agents at small to mid-sized freight brokerages who are looking to transition out of a hands-on role or sell their business outright. We work with non-asset brokerages doing $5 to 25 million in revenue or $250K to 3mm in EBITDA while providing dry and refrigerated full truckload and/or specialty freight services. Though we will consider flatbed or air business, we are not seeking LTL, intermodal, or drayage businesses at this time.

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Why is now the right time for exit and transition planning for my freight brokerage?

Market conditions are in a state of constant flux. While it may be tempting to wait on planning your transition or exit until it feels like just the right moment, attempting to time the market is a risky proposition. By starting today, you can secure a payout that is not only fair, but also frees up your time and energy for the people, places, and adventures that mean the most.

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How is my company’s value determined?

Several factors define a fair valuation for each brokerage. Variables related to a company's shape, size, geography, finances, and beyond all influence the final number. The investment committee will apply a multiple to either a business’ EBITDA or an agent’s Net Revenue.

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How long will I manage my business before exiting?

Transitions time vary from deal to deal based on the company size, technology stack, and employee count.

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Share some information about you and your company and we can begin a conversation about how Final Mile can help you “begin your exit” and achieve your goals.